OMFG. This kid is either going to be the best or the worst royal.

Either way, it’s going to be entertaining.

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My 420 view.

My 420 view. Happy Easter, New Orleans.



worst pain imaginable

ok goodbye with this

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Shoutout to the females that compliment each other, that jealousy shit dead

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Feel good about myself? Because of Tumblr notes? If that’s the life you live, claim it, but don’t give me that charge.

I’ve been involved in youth & community outreach programs for a long time here in New Orleans and I’ve seen lots of kids come and go because of the violence in this city. I’ve lost friends and family members to the grave and jail and most other natives can say the same. What makes me feel good about myself is the fact that I give as much as I can to mentoring and counseling children here, trying to show them that I am a product of my environment, I made it and they can too. This post is from September. A lot happened before then, and a lot has happened since. My bad for being pissed the fuck off, since you feel I have no right. Arabian Gayles’ name was not included in this post, but her name, as well as her 11-year old cousin’s who was shot alongside her, were both posted when I attended a day prior to her death. You can search my archives for your own records & fulfillment. While you’re at it, you’ll find similar postings about NiKiyah Westerfield, Dave Harrison, Ahlittia North, Londyn Samuels, Marshall Coulter, Lucas Ruiz, 7 month old Deshawn Kinard, and many others, including information about memorials, anti-violence rallies, after school programs for children, and information to donate and offer support to parents and families of victims.

Also, what NOLA representatives would you like links for? Our former mayor was recently found guilty of 20 counts of bribery and fraud, our police chief - I’m sure you’ve seen the the videos of drug and alcohol use inside Orleans Parish Prison that made national headlines late last year, our governor who stopped 20,000 college students from continuing their studies in January 2013. I’m just not sure who it is you’d like to speak to. But please tell me and I will point you in the right direction.

Like you said, people use Tumblr for different things. And you’re right, a click doesn’t do much. In this day and age the way videos and information literally go viral in minutes, certainly clicks have nothing to do with that.

But I mean, whatever dude. Thanks for your opinion. Have a great evening.